We build solutions that help you connect and encourage engagement with your target audience.


Research & Development

We seek to get a good understanding of your business, industry and target demographic, providing you with an honest assessment of what needs to be done and what can be done to help you fulfill your desired results.

Solution Production

Due to our extended knowledge and experience at building unique solutions that generate awareness and allow for advocacy, we are able to take the information we gather and build something specific to your business.

Engagement Strategy

Having a great solution requires a great plan to implement. We want to make sure you maximize your investment by providing you with a strategy that gets your target audience talking about you with others.


Create Buzz At Your Event

We bring a team out to your event to go around getting your attendees to checkin to your event via text message or from one of our tablets, using our proprietery technology. We do this by incentivizing them with a chance to win exclusive prizes and offers.

Collect Data

Throughout your event, we have the ability to ask your attendees special questions, raffles, photo request and really pretty much anything else, to engage them and add a digital element to your event. This provides you with additional info about those who come to your event.

Build Your Network

Your greatest resource in business is having a network of people that know what you do and love it. We work to make sure that your captive audience is filtered through to find the individuals that have the passion and desire to be more engaged in your business.

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“They created in 6 months, what we could not create in 8 years!” 

Tom Hansen - Lightning 100

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